Working as a health coach is an exciting career choice. It allows you to transform the lives of others around you through better health practices. If you are considering a career as a health coach, you are probably curious about what kind of income you can earn. Let’s take a look at what a health coach can expect to earn for a living. 

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Below is a detailed breakdown of what the average health coach’s salary can be, different factors that have an impact, and why setting up your own health coaching business is recommended when it comes to maximizing earning potential.

Average Health Coach Salaries:

The salaries shown below are based on health coaching professionals working with clients in their local geographic regions or those who work in a corporate capacity in their local region. Salaries of health education specialists will vary widely depending on geographic location, setting, education level, and other factors. 

* Below are average annual & hourly health coach salaries in certain states based on data from Zip Recruiter.

Annual Salary for Health Coaches in Certain States

* New York ($53,200)

* Massachusetts ($52,697)

* Washington ($52,330)

* New Hampshire ($51,287)

* Hawaii ($50,612)

* Maryland ($48,838)

* Connecticut ($48,822)

* North Dakota ($48,502)

* Alaska ($48,502)

* Wyoming ($48,502)

For hourly rates, the following numbers are commonly seen in the health coaching industry:

Hourly Wages for Health Coaches in Certain States:

* New York ($25.58)

* Massachusetts ($25.34)

* Washington ($25.16)

* New Hampshire ($24.66)

* Hawaii ($24.33)

* Maryland ($23.48)

* Connecticut ($23.47)

* North Dakota ($23.32)

* Alaska $23.32

* Wyoming $23.32

* National average hourly rate has been sourced from Payscale [2]. 


There are a few things that we teach health coaches in our High Impact Coaching program about what to do differently so that a health coach can earn $100,000 or more, even if they are just starting out. With our program, coaches can earn the same no matter where they are located. Click here to learn more details about why our coaches make much more than most.

Factors in Determining a Health Coaches Earning Potential:

  1. Experience

The first thing that will affect your earning potential is your expertise in health and wellness. If you have achieved success in these areas personally or generated results with clients this will boost your potential salary. 

But having experience in the health industry isn’t enough. You need to understand how to position and sell your services in a way that attracts buyers. Our High Impact Coaching Program teaches coaches how to generate leads, nurture them, enroll clients, and value price your offerings. 

  1. Knowledge

Possessing knowledge and experience positions you in a way to earn more as a health coach. Unfortunately there are lots of coaches who “decide” to become a health coach but don’t have any real training to do so. The more knowledge you have, the more credibility you will have and the more you will be able to offer clients who hire you.  

  1. Location

If you are offering health coaching services to local clients, then your income will be determined by the rates your local region supports. For example, a Health Coach in a small town in Iowa will likely have to charge less than a Health Coach in Los Angeles or New York. 


But when you offer health coaching to virtual clients, you are reaching clients world-wide. That frees you to charge what you are worth with value-based pricing, regardless of where your practice is. 

  1. Salary vs Personal Business  

When you are working for a company you are only entitled to what they feel your worth is. The truth is that health coaches who run their own business are making far more in terms of salary. While this isn’t always true, it is a common rule of thumb that is seen in the industry. Starting off you may not make as much as you would starting with a salaried position somewhere, but over time and with the proper guidance, your earning potential is truly unlimited.

Benefits of Starting a Health Coaching Business?

When you start your own coaching business you choose your own clients. You work with the people and causes that you are most passionate about. Plus, you design programs of your own design that you know are making the greatest impact on clients. It’s wonderful when you can choose your hours, who you work for, and how you work. You can work with people one on one, in groups, or through programs of your own design. 

A lot of modern health coaches can build 6-figure and sometimes 7-figure businesses. If you have the understanding of what being a health coach entails, it’s a great choice to pursue. However, understanding how the business side of being a health coach works will greatly increase your income. Your earning potential is essentially unlimited and you are going to have the opportunity to push towards new heights quickly.

Final Thoughts

At High Impact Coaching we realize the value of what you bring to the table. We want you to reach great personal fulfillment and income from the work you do. Plus, we want you to earn an income that is based on the results you achieve for your clients.

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If you want to achieve more than the average of $46k per year with your health coaching business, we invite you to have a conversation. We’ll love to show the real value in the work you do and how to position yourself and your offerings to generate the income you deserve. Visit our programs page to learn more.