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Did you know?

  • 120 million SUFFER from stress and lack of fulfillment/meaning in their career, or work life.
  • 90 million SUFFER from autoimmune disease, IBS/IBD, and chronic health issues
  • 350 million SUFFER with depression and anxiety
  • all while 70% of recent college graduates are either un-employed, or working part time jobs just to make ends meet

The current approaches to our worlds problems don’t work…
You see it. I know you do. Because I see it too. And I can’t do this alone.

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SUCCESS is a team sport


Our education system is broken.

And healthcare sucks.

7 minute doctors visits don’t get results.

Prescribing pills to mask symptoms doesn’t fix problems.

Big corporations could help millions if they cared more about people than money… but most don’t. And thats why we need to talk.

I’m not a doctor, or an expert in your space, but I want to heal and help millions. I don’t have your gifts to treat, cure, and help others. But you do.

Sure I can package, position and sell online coaching and health services for $2k-$8k and show experts proven strategies to grab new clients from the interwebs, without going broke trying to figure out paid advertising…

But I can’t treat, help or cure everyone like you can and we need to connect your SOLUTION to their PROBLEMS.

I know the only way to have the IMPACT we want and change the way this world operates is to work together. So that you can focus on what you do best and people get the help they deserve.

Thats why I partner with the top coaches and experts out there: from nutritionists to relationship experts, chiros to holistic healers, naturopaths to mindset/transformational coaches…

Because this isn’t about you. It never was and it never will be.

Its about the people out there that need you.

And they need you NOW.

…So lets team up


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Craig Ballantyne - Author of The Perfect Life Formula

"I've coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to make their first $1,000,000. But Zander brings an element of coaching that has made my clients more successful. He's helped my clients go from making their first $100,000, their first $1,000,000 to making a whole lot MORE. If you are struggling or are on the bubble, you need to work with Zander."

Taylor Conroy - Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Coach

"About a month ago I went on a string of 40 phone calls trying to sell my coaching program and sold ZERO. I was hesitant to work with Zander because I thought it was impossible to turn around zero for 40. But in the last 30 days I brought in $65,000 in revenue exactly from what he taught me. I feel empowered and like my business is stable for the first time. And that's all thanks to Zander."

Patty Aubrey - Former President of Chicken Soup For The Soul

"Zander is amazing as one of my coaches. I've been doing this for years and I had a 1 day session with Zander and it was a game changer. He even makes ME think outside the box. He doesn't care if people like him, he cares about the RESULTS. If you know Zander, you know he's amazing; if you don't, you need to know Zander. So, know Zander. 1-800-zander, thats my answer!"

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Zander has worked closely with



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    “I'm very impressed with Zander. He succeeds in everything. I sit there and I watch him on stage and I'm so glad that there is a younger generation coming to take over. Keep it up, Zander!"

    Jack Canfield, N.Y Times #1 best seller and Americas Success Coach - Santa Barbara, CA

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    "Prior to Zander I had a big fear of failure. I had all the skills I needed as a practitioner to help people, but I couldn’t get over my own blocks. Zander helped me identify what those blocks were and set up the business systems to move forward. Now I have experienced a multi-level transformation and I am enrolling clients at $6,000 each and opportunities are opening up left and right."

    Sofia Costa, Doctor of Physical Therapy - Los Angeles, CA

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    “Zander came highly recommended so I had ZERO hesitation working with him. I had previously worked with 3 coaches, but they were NOTHING compared to what zander brought to the table. I am more authoritative and certain in my communication and about the value of what I do then every before. After 6 weeks of working with zander I have TRIPLED my income and am now bringing in over $35,000 a month. Thank you man. I appreciate you SO much."

    Justin J, Nutritionist - Los Angeles, CA

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    “I had been trying to be a self employed Health/Life Coach for the last 4 or 5 years, I had been certified in so many different things, and honestly I could have saved myself a lot of time and went straight to Zander to learn how to bring all of this into a concrete form to transform lives. In one month after working with him, I made triple the money I had ever made in a month. Now I am financially free and I can really change lives while being supported doing so. I wish I had done this program sooner."

    Nicole G, Wellness/Life Coach - New Jersey

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    "I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to turn around my business. But just over 30 days since working with Zander and no joke in the last 30 days I have brought in $65,000 in revenue DIRECTLY from what he taught me, when I had made ZERO dollars the month prior."

    Taylor C, Coach - Los Angeles, CA

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    "Zander is amazing and I love him as one of MY coaches. I've been in this industry for decades and I had a one day session with Zander and it was a GAME CHANGER. I've created my own mastermind and made more in a month right after then I ever have before. Zander cares about results, so if you don't know Zander get on it."

    Patty Aubrey, former CEO/Founder, Chicken Soup For the Soul - Santa Barbara, CA

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    "Zander is truly an inspiration. His drive and determination to create a better world is extraordinary and his ability to connect with people makes that happen! Whatever your goals are, your work with him will be transformative - you are in for a real treat!!"

    Dr. Craig Pierce - Author and CEO/Founder, Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute

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    "Zander is unstoppable. He is clear, bright, forward thinking and visionary…either join the movement or get out of the way!"

    Kathleen Seeley - Founder, Massively Human Leadership, President tsg The Seeley Group Consulting Inc.

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    "I used to run events for Tony Robbins, so for me it's very rare to find a coach that can match that perfect combination of influence and compassion. Zander has it... he's a master at creating a unique space for learning, growth, and the ability to GET RESULTS. If you're looking for a way to grow and impact more lives, connect with him as soon as possible."

    Muni Syed, Marketing Director at Digital Vitamin - Los Angeles, CA