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Zander Fryer - High Impact Coaching

About Mobile

Everyone thought I had lost it....

My friends thought I was crazy. My mom even hung up on me when I told her.

I was making over $200k a year at Cisco as an engineer.

Meeting with Disney, NBC, and Sony execs.
Flying around the country. Living on the beach in Venice, CA. Driving a beamer as a kid in his mid-twenties.

Sounds like I had it all, right?

I had what everyone told me was success, but I didn’t feel successful. I felt empty.

So I quit cold turkey. I left without notice, and I’ll tell you why….

One phone call can change everything.

I still remember seeing the caller ID “AJs Dad.”

“Zander… *sigh* Zander… I—I don’t know what to do. How could this happen?!”

“What happened, Tony? What’s going on?”

“It’s AJ….  He’s…he’s gone.”

“What do you mean he’s gone?”

“He took his own life last night. He’s gone, Zander.”

I had just lost my best friend of 20 years. Nothing could go back after that. I couldn’t pretend everything was good. I couldn’t live in the dark anymore.

Because in that earth-shattering moment of losing a brother, I realized one thing: Time is the one resource we can never get back.

About Mobile2

Every moment is either on-purpose or off-purpose. And every moment off-purpose is a moment wasted.
– Jim Rohn

About Mobile3

I knew I needed to help people. But I didn’t know how yet. And in August of 2016, I left a successful corporate job to pursue the unknown as a life coach.

I know, cliché, right?

And even though I was in debt and had never built a business before, I was able to turn up a 6-figure business in under 4 months and hit my first 6-figure month within 12 months.

I had done it! I was really starting to make a dent in this world.

But something wasn’t right.

I knew I couldn’t do this alone. The world was too big. I needed help. And the other experts and coaches out there were struggling to do what I could do.

And that’s when I realized…

Success is a team sport.

And I couldn’t stop until all of the coaches, specialists, and experts out there had the skills, strategies, and tools to do what they were meant to do— to have the impact they were meant to have.


My mission is to inspire and
empower an ARMY of conscious leaders and coaches to change the face of our world for good. And I’ll settle for nothing less.

Professional Bio

Zander Fryer, best-selling author, internationally renowned speaker, and host of the iTunes top podcast – Sh*t You Don’t Learn In College – is more than just a corporate dropout. After quitting his successful corporate career at age 27, Zander launched his company, High Impact Coaching, to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to build successful businesses while adding value to the world.

From ZERO to 6 figures in 3 months and 7 figures in 12, HIC is now a $4 Million company and his trainings impact over 50,000 people in 27 different countries and at more than 600 organizations.

A mentor to millionaires, Grammy-winning artists, and bestselling authors alike, he is praised as “the next generation leader” by #1 best-selling author Jack Canfield and his passion to shake this world up is creating a movement.

Are you ready to get moving?

Zander Fryer

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But I could never do this alone...

Meet the High Impact Coaching Team

Team Image2

Cathal Walsh, M. Ed.

Chief Operating Officer


Rehan Lakhani

Lead Success Coach

Team Image4

Aaron Perez

Social Media Manager


Nikita Colomatin

Operations Manager


Rauf Gasanov

Technical Operations Specialist


Chris Caudill

Business Development Specialist


Felipe Francesconi

Facebook & Instagram Specialist


Maria Lozano

Instagram Specialist

Carter Reign

Carter Reign

Success Coach

Kylah Allison

Kylah Allison

Executive Admin


Juan Ochoa

Facebook and Instagram Specialist


Orianna Vicent

Instagram Specialist


Baheer Farooqi

Success Coach