“Knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge can be the mortal enemy of impact, if you don’t execute on it. Most coaches and experts are brilliant in their field, but when it comes to executing the business and increasing their impact, they hit a wall.” – Zander Fryer


Do any of these describe you?

  • You have a gift and expertise that this world badly needs, but you’re not having the impact you know you could
  • You want to make a Wall-Street worthy income helping others WITHOUT sleezey sales tactics
  • You know people are out there suffering right now and need your help and not getting it
  • You know you were meant to: earn MORE money, transform MORE lives, and serve MORE people


If you are ready to create the impact you were meant to have, you are in the right place.



Everyone thought I’d lost it.

My friends thought I was crazy.

My mom hung up on me when I told her…

I made over $200,000 per year at Cisco. Meeting with Disney, NBC, and Sony executives. 

Flying around the country first class.  Living on the beach in Venice, LA.  Driving a beamer.  Sounds like I had it all.

But just like a sour relationship, I ended it cold turkey. I quit without notice. 

Because I had an earth shattering moment. A moment that changed my life forever.  

And after the death of my best friend AJ at age 27… things could never go back to the way they were.  I could never go back to living in the dark. I could never pretend that I hadn’t seen what I had seen.

In August of 2016 I left a successful corporate life to pursue the unknown as a wellness and life coach.  And even though I was in debt and had never built a business before, I was able to turn up a 6-figure business in under 4 months. But I knew couldn’t do this alone.  The world was too big.  I needed help.  And the other wellness experts out there were struggling to do what I could do.  And thats when I realized:

Success is a team sport

And I wouldn’t stop until all of the wellness experts out there had the skills, strategies, and tools to do what they were meant to do: to have the impact they were meant to have. Because this is going to take every one of us.

And if you continue to let the business be your sticking point, if you continue to let marketing and sales hold you back, millions will continue to suffer.

My mission is to inspire and empower an army of leaders to change the face of our world for good. And I’ll settle for nothing less.

What is… High IMPACT Coaching?

Most coaches spend THOUSANDS of dollars and THOUSANDS of hours becoming experts in their field.  They spend years in schooling, certification programs, and continued education, but they struggle when it comes to building a business and having the IMPACT they want to have.

The reason is simple.

As an expert in your space you are comfortable learning and growing.  But knowledge isn’t power.  Knowledge can be the mortal enemy impact, if you don’t execute on it.  And when it comes to executing the business and increasing your impact, you fall flat.  You need to stop growing as an expert, and start execute the business.

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Justin is a Nutritionist who has been trying to get his business up and running for years.


Justin originally got his degree, because he had a passion for eradicating autoimmune disease… PERMANENTLY.

He had a passion, he saw a problem, and he had a mission to fix it.

But as he got started he couldn’t figure out how to turn up a business and struggled to make ends meet.

He started with content marketing, blogging and podcasting, in order to build an audience, hoping that he can make some money from online programs and courses.

But he realized he could only get so far selling $97 e-courses.  Especially as info-products started to flood the market and devalue the gift he was trying to get to the world.

He knew he needed help from a business standpoint, so he invested tens of thousands on supposed “marketing experts” and coaches but was barely seeing results.

Justin was about to give up.


Where is Justin now?


Justin realized 3 things that absolutely changed his business and life.


  1. He had to stop considering himself a service provider and start considering himself a solution provider in order to ever make his business work.  His value was not in the time he spent with someone, but the problem he solved for someone.
  2. He HAD to start from the TOP and command premium prices in order to make the income he wanted, without burning out.   And he learned how charging lower prices was actually hurting client results.
  3. How to communicate the real value of what he was doing, so he never had to “sell” his services again.  Clients were ready and willing to pay his higher prices, thanked him for taking them on, and got exponentially better results, because they were fully committed to the work.


Now Justin brings in over $35,000 a month which is more than many nutritionists make in a year.

“I have worked with 3 other coaches, but with Zander I finally got the RESULTS.” – Justin 

The truth is, Justin is not enough.  There are thousands of experts out there just like Justin and just like you that have a gift and mission and are struggling to make that mission a reality.  And we need every single one of you if we are going to change the way things are right now.

So if you’re ready to get into execution grab a FREE Business Breakthrough Coaching here.

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