What I’m about to share today is how to master the art of success in your coaching business.  

Being successful as a coach is about more than just having coaching expertise. You also need to have business expertise. I was once in your shoes. I was making $200K per year in my corporate job at Cisco systems. My client list included major companies like Disney, Facebook, Google and others. Even earning that big salary, I still felt empty inside. I yearned for a sense of fulfillment and to make a difference. So I saved two to three months’ salary and quit my corporate job. While I was fumbling to grow my new coaching business, I stacked up tons of credit card debt. I was stressed out, had bags under my eyes, and terrified. 

But then one day a potential client called and asked what I would charge to help him. I quoted him $2700. Unbelievably he said yes! Then I spent the next 2 days building a coaching program for him. That was the start of my coaching business. I was a new coach. No one knew who I was. I had no idea what I was doing. But when that first client said yes and they got results the momentum started.I went on to build a six figure coaching, multiple six figures, and today earn seven figures in my coaching business. What I have learned are the 7 steps to building a 6 figure coaching business that I will share with you lucky individuals below.

1) Be a Solution Provider, not a Service Provider. When you solve problems that get real results you can charge more. People who are health, life, business and career coaches are selling a commodity. But, when you solve a problem in a specific time frame you offer a premium solution people are willing to pay more for. 

2. Start from the Top. According to Glass Door 95% of coaches will never make it full time. If you really ask around you will find there are a lot of coaches who can’t earn a decent living. That’s why many coaches face burn out. They are working endless hours trying to earn what they are worth. When you position yourself as the best, people are willing to pay more. When you charge more, clients commit more to the process and get better results.  

3. Make it Personal. When you are buying do you buy from someone you have seen on TV and a billboard, or do you buy from the person your friend recommends? Intimacy outweighs authority every time. It’s better to be fishing in your backyard. As a “little guy” you can foster intimacy on social media, through networking, and with live events. People do business with someone they know, love, and trust.  Being the person who makes genuine connections, is helpful, and nurtures those connections helps you win every time. 

4. Get Results. Be in integrity and make sure that your clients are getting results. Then once you know it’s working, you have a moral responsibility to enroll more people so you can make a greater impact. Part of this requires you getting over your own fear and sales resistance and boldly sharing your life-changing solutions with the world.

5. Serve, Don’t Sell. Old school selling is dead. no one wants to be sold. When you think of a sales person what is the first emotion that comes to mind? Gross? Grimey? Pushy? Manipulation? Cheating? Tricking people into spending their hard earned money? When you come from a place of need, people feel that energetically and it drives them away. But when you come from a place of service, you are giving, helping, making a difference. There is a true energetic shift of flow that people are attracted to.  

What do you think about when you think about a trusted advisor? Trusting? Supportive? Safe? Telling you everything you need to hear? A trusted advisor can help people get honest about their problems.  So whether someone has a job they hate, a bad relationship, or are overweight, their decision making process is why they are stuck. A trusted advisor helps clients commit to taking action to fix that problem. Through serving, you can earn a generous income while being the change you want to see in the world. 

6. Help Everyone? Or No One? When you are too vague with your messaging, it attracts no one. That’s why it’s so important to get very specific about who you help to create powerful messaging that attracts your ideal client. As an example let’s imagine a street sign that has two options: ‘NY City Central Park’ or ‘Somewhere fun you want to go’. Of course you are going to pick ‘NY City Central Park.’ The messaging was clear, concrete, specific and shows exactly where you want to go. On the other hand ‘Somewhere fun you want to go’ may be safer, faster, cheaper but because it was vague no one will take that road. Helping everyone will get you nowhere fast. But specializing in a specific niche and delivering certain results in a given time frame helps you connect to your audience in a powerful way. 

7. Build your Team. Success is a team sport. My friend Jack Canfield once said, I have never met a successful coach who does it alone– Jack Canfield. Deciding to be a coach and building a website will get you nowhere fast. But when you work with a coach or mentorship program it’s much easier to build your business. They have a proven formula to follow to help you create success faster. 

You’re One Step Away From Having A Thriving Coaching Business

I want you to get the full extent of training and beliefs that you need. You need the right feedback to get yourself moving. What I shared today in this article is just the beginning. Either you choose to figure it out on your own. Or you can create a situation where you can implement, execute, get feedback and get better results.

If you are ready we have a high impact coaching 90 day launch program. We help you confidently enroll clients at premium rates, consistently week in and week out and get out of your own way to build your business and create impact faster than you ever thought possible.

I will warn you, our program is not for the faint of heart or people looking to kick the tires. You already need to have amazing results in your business. Be ready to take action and get out of your comfort zone. You must do it for the right reasons. If you are in this to help more people and you realize that this is a tool to help you reach more people, then let’s set up a brainstorming session with www.zanderfryer.com/apply

Jack Canfield once said , “You shouldn’t worry about failures, worry about the changes you miss when you don’t even try.” 

Don’t wonder what COULD have been if you acted. Take the opportunity now to change your results.