We have all had financially difficult times in our lives. Maybe you got divorced and were left with tons of credit card debit. Some people face crippling debt from hospitalization and don’t know where to turn. If your spouse handled all the finances and you suddenly had to handle it all yourself it would feel overwhelming. We all have a story about how money has affected us in our life. When you have gone through something traumatic like this and find your way out to financial stability, it’s exhilarating. For many it’s a financial success story similar to that which inspired them to want to become a financial coach. When you go from rags to riches, it’s really rewarding to help others experience that same type of transformation.  


If you are ready to start your own financial coaching business, I congratulate you. The world needs more people like you. An astounding number of people are in debt, have little or no savings, and have barely saved for retirement.  

If you are looking to start a successful financial coaching business, you won’t want to miss our tips below. They will help you get your financial coaching business off the ground fast and on to great success. 

Discover Your Passion:

Work can be fun! It doesn’t have to be draining. In fact it can be incredibly rewarding. The key is to discover your passion. When you do what you love you won’t work a day in your life. So why are you passionate about money? Have you always been a numbers geek? Did you help someone who was money challenged and feel deeply fulfilled? Did you live through a personal struggle story and now realize financial freedom and want to help others do the same?

When you tap into your “why” it will keep you going when the times get tough. Sometimes doing work for money just isn’t enough. You need something more stirring to motivate you. You have unique gifts. It’s your job to share them with the world.  

Get Training:

No one hands you the keys to a car when you are 16 and says “here, take it for a drive.”  You go to drivers’ ed first to learn the basics. The same is true of starting a business. You need to find out how to be successful. Sadly, a lot of financial coaches kind of wing it. They end up spending a lot of time, energy and money building a business model that doesn’t always work.

Coaches encourage, motivate, challenge, and teach you how to be the best that you could be. That’s why I recommend early on that you get training from a mentor who has built a successful online business before. If you’ve had a mentor or coach that’s helped you do something you couldn’t otherwise have done on your own, you know the importance of having someone take the time to show you how to do something, teach you something you don’t know, and share wisdom and insights to propel you toward your goals.

A mentor is crucial to every successful financial coach’s business development. It’s difficult to reach your full potential without a coach. You really need help with your sales, marketing, and strategy to build a successful business.

Plus, you probably have some questions you want answered.

A coach has been in your position and knows what it’s like to be just starting out. They have worked with hundreds of people like you to help them grow their business. They can help you fasttrack your success. They can mentor you in all the areas that matter most from mindset to sales, marketing, and business development. They can help you find a model of business that fits the lifestyle you’d like to create. Best of all, they can help you build your income faster than you could on your own.  

  • What areas of your business do you most need help in?
  • Do they have a proven track record?
  • Have they had success in the business model you want to build?

Once you have one locked down, take action, put in the work, and grow your business.

Spread the Love:

Give exceptional service to your financial coaching clients. When you wow them, they are much more likely to pass your name along to others they know. When you are done working with them, ask if they know someone like them who could benefit from what you do.

Work your network too. There are lots of professionals in related fields that you can network with and agree to share referrals. Think of those who have clients that are financially challenged: college planners, divorce lawyers/mediators, therapists, real estate agents, insurance agents, bankers. Have coffee with them. Ask how you can help them. Tell them who your ideal clients are. Offer to pay a referral fee.  

Send a warm introduction letter out to your network. Tell them that you started a new financial coaching business. Tell them who your ideal clients are and the types of services you offer. Let them know if you work in person, virtually, or both. Go through your contact list and let your friends, family, and acquaintances know. It’s always great to keep in touch with your network so they don’t forget who you are.  

Post the news about your new business on social media too. There’s probably people who follow you that may have slipped your mind. It’s a fun excuse to touch base with everyone you know. 

Start Your Business:

Once you have harnessed your “why” and let people know about your business, it’s time to create a business name. You can use your personal name, “Brian Anderson Consulting”.  You can create a company name “Anderson and Associates”. You could create a name around your specialty like “Debt Divorce Relief”. Once you choose a name do a Google search to make sure it’s not already in use. You also want to do a search in your state to make sure someone isn’t using the same name. An attorney can assist you in doing a comprehensive name search.  

Buy the domain name right away to reserve it. Good domain names go quickly. Plus, if your company name isn’t available in the dot.com you may want to select a different name to avoid market confusion.

File a “Doing Business As” in your county. Usually this involves publishing a post that runs several times in a local paper. After your DBA has been granted you can open a business checking account in your business name. 

Set Up Your Office:

What kind of office you have depends on the nature of your business and clients. Some people set up a home office. It’s nice to have a reserved area just for your work. That can help you stay organized and focused.

If you need to have client meetings, you can meet at coffee shops, the local library or client’s homes. There are professional office spaces that you can rent by the hour.  


Another option is to rent a dedicated office space. If you have staff or equipment this will provide space for that. If you don’t need a whole office, some businesses rent out a dedicated office in their space for a fee.  

If you work with virtual clients then your office is the best of all. It’s wherever you want it to be.  Work from the beach. Work from the couch. Work an hour or so when you are on vacation. As long as you have internet access you are in business.  

Sales and Marketing:

Are you ready to get your first coaching clients? Sales and marketing is the lifeblood of your business. But before you are ready to sign up clients you have to do your homework.  

You need to know who your ideal client is. What are their biggest challenges? What do they need? How can you give them a quick win? Lastly, you need to know how to communicate with them and really speak their language!. 

You need to truly understand this and be able to articulate it to get clients. It will help you to spot an ideal client. It will help you explain to them what you do and the results they can expect. 

Attend local networking groups. Trained networkers can be your biggest advocates. You offer to give them referrals, and in turn they offer to do the same.  

Join Facebook and Linkedin groups. Find groups where people are experiencing money challenges. Answer people’s questions. Be helpful. When people see that you know your stuff and how generous you are they will reach out to you.  

social media

Attend events. You can meet the most amazing people at seminars and workshops. Some will become friends. Some will become clients. Others may refer business to you. But the level of people you will meet at these events is world class.

Show your value with a free consultation call. Before people lay down the big bucks for your coaching, you have to build rapport and trust. Offering a free consultation call gives you a chance to see if they are a good client for you. You can look at their current situation, assess the depth of their financial woes, and share ways that you could help them.  

Word of Mouth Marketing:

Word of mouth is still the #1 way most people make buying decisions about everything from choosing a financial coach to buying a new car. Our money is valuable and most people don’t want to risk throwing it away on a product, service, or brand that they are not familiar with. 

By far the best kind of marketing is when people are raving about how amazing your financial coaching is and can’t wait to tell the world about you. This all starts with being referral worthy.  You need to be exceptional. Go the extra mile. Really listen to your clients. Help clients get results quickly. When clients get great results with you they are likely to tell their family and friends.  

Ask if happy clients can give a testimonial. Tell them that they are your dream client and ask if they have more people just like them that you could talk to?

Add this to your email signature: “If you know someone who needs financial coaching, all referrals are greatly appreciated.”

Add this to the back of your business card “The best compliment you can give is a referral.  We’d love to assist others like you, so please don’t hesitate to send friends. Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness!” 

Identify business professionals who might work with or meet your ideal clients. Then, systematically work to meet and build relationships with them. Make sure they understand your value – what you do, who you serve the best, how you do it, why you do it, and how people benefit from your work. You can cross refer to each other.  Keep in touch with these referral partners regularly. Send them cards, helpful articles, birthday cards, or anything that shows you are thinking of them.  

Jumpstart Your Financial Coaching Success, We Can Help:

Money brings you freedom which is so important. The freedom allows you to spend time with the people you love and to live stress free. That is how life should be enjoyed and not stuck in the vicious cycle of debt and limits.  

This is why I am so passionate about helping people like you to create a high-impact coaching practice. I have seen coaches just like you with the best of intentions struggle. I was once where you were. I quit my corporate job cold turkey. I left without notice. Even though I was in debt and had never built a business before, I was able to turn up a 6-figure business in under 4 months and hit my first 6-figure month within 12 months.

My mission is to help coaches like you to get the skills, strategies, and tools to do what they were meant to do— to have the impact they were meant to have. I am ready to help you change the face of our world for good.
My High Impact Coaching programs inspire and empower entrepreneurs to build successful businesses while adding value to the world.  If you are ready to get moving, you are just one step away.  Book a free clarity call and let’s talk about how I can make you my next success story. https://zanderfryer.clickfunnels.com/schedule-a-call-step-1