A good executive coach is a highly sought-after professional. As an executive coach you interact with individuals in an organization who are calling the shots and making all the big decisions. The typical clients range from up and coming managers to high ranking individuals who have done extremely well in their careers. You are expected to help improve your client’s leadership and management skills, guide them in making sound business decisions and enable them to focus on personal and organizational development.

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Ideally you want people who are up for a challenge and ready to develop new ideas. Your mentorship must help your client grow confidence and make decisions with more focus and clarity. Remember, that at the end of the day, you, as an executive coach become an accountability partner and your job is to set your clients up for success while providing an unbiased view.

Average Executive Coach Salaries in the United States

Executive coaches generally make a very good living in the United States. Average salaries are much higher than coaching in other verticals. The higher salaries are an indication of how important this job is. When you provide consulting services for higher tier employees in an organization, you can expect a much higher ROI. The clients we work with at High Impact Coaching end up making a lot more than the numbers below. With our training program our clients dominate the top 1%. If you want to join 500+ coaching professionals who have excelled with a program that has a 97.4% 5 star rating, then connect with us today!

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The graph below shows the AVERAGE salaries of Executive Coaching professionals all across the United States.

You can see that hitting the six-figure mark is the norm in this profession. However, these are only averages. Qualifications and experience can drive much higher salaries. Starting and running your own coaching business can also yield you a higher income as your salary is basically uncapped and depends on how many clients you can get. To get a better idea, we are going to take a quick look at the national breakout for Executive coach salaries below:

$20,000$ 123,803$350,000

Source: Zip Recruiter

This gives you a pretty good idea of the kind of revenue your business can expect. Bringing in $350,000 a year is no joke! It is good to see that the statistics are quite favorable towards this career choice with a nationwide average salary north of $120,000.  We can look at a further breakdown of executive coach salaries by reviewing data for the top 10 states with the highest salaries.

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York$65.29 $135,796 
Massachusetts$64.67 $134,512 
Washington$64.22 $133,573 
New Hampshire$62.94 $130,912 
Hawaii$62.11 $129,189 
Maryland$59.93 $124,660 
Connecticut$59.91 $124,621 
Rhode Island$59.43 $123,607 
Alaska$59.35 $123,448 
Vermont$59.10 $122,935 

Source: Zip Recruiter

If you are not based in any of the states above, that isn’t a problem as you can work virtually with your clients and generate clients all across the United States with your own business! The thing about these states is that not only do they offer a higher compensation, they also present a lot more opportunities than anywhere else in the United States. However, you don’t need to be based in these states to reap the benefits if you operate virtually and have your own coaching business!


Most mega cities are located in these states and they can be really beneficial for people who are looking to start a coaching business. The greater number of opportunities also means a higher chance for your coaching business to be successful. Pair this with our High Impact Coaching Program and your chances of pivoting into this line work will be sky high! We have successfully helped several professionals like yourself transition into a career of their choice. It takes work upfront but with the right mindset you can definitely  achieve your goals.

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The Reasoning Behind Higher Salaries in Executive Coaching

Compared to other forms of coaching, executive coaching pays a lot more. But why? What makes this profession so much more valuable? We will dive into these questions below.

  1. The View on Executive Coaching in Recent Years

The importance of various forms of the coaching have changed significantly in recent years. In the past, an organization identified a problem and the higher ups would conclude a need for coaching. The realization has now matured, and people understand that executive coaching is an opportunity to bring about positive changes, even when there is no problem present. Executive coaching focuses primarily on managers, and a company with highly skilled managers is more likely to be successful.

  1. Specialization Matters

Unlike other professions, Executive coaches come from all walks of life. They are individuals who are skilled in a particular domain. Specialization always pays off! If you are someone who has extensive experience in consulting, human resources, finance, or management then your client knows that you understand that side of the business thoroughly. They would be open to compensate you accordingly because it serves as a validation for what you could bring to the table.

  1. Results Driven Approach

An organization might find you to be a good fit if your vision aligns with theirs. If their beliefs and core values are parallel to yours then they can be certain you would prove to be a valuable asset. Executive coaching is a highly personalized process, not everyone can deliver. One organization may consider you a top consultant while the other may not understand where you are coming from. Your job is to work with your clients like a partner and help them achieve their objectives. You must be able to articulate your philosophy and drive results.

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  1. Organizational Hierarchy

As we have discussed before, executive coaches work with higher ups in an organization. While you may very well earn a six-figure income working with a CEO of the company, working with a senior manager would still net you a handsome amount. The sort of companies who hire executive coaches believe in employee development. They are not afraid to spend money on someone who will train their staff and enable them to add more value to their organization.

Final Words

There are a lot of coaches around these days and they come in all shapes and sizes. The numbers above are an indication of the typical results you’d expect from average coaching professionals. The fact that you’re looking for a solid coaching program tells us that you’re not looking to be average. Lifelong learning is part of the coaching process. No one knows everything! If you are open to constantly honing your skills and learning new things, then this is definitely the right path for you. 

If you believe that you have the right mindset to become a successful executive coach, but you want more insight and training on how to conduct yourself and launch a successful coaching business then you are at the right place!  

Typical people just take what life throws at them, you are empowering yourself and taking the time to plan, research, and analyze your strategy. High Impact Coaching was built with individuals like you in mind. We can guide you in escaping your regular 9 – 5 and starting your own successful coaching business. 

We have helped many individuals worldwide in making a successful transition. There are many businesses and professionals out there who would benefit from your expertise. We won’t just help you position your services, we also show you how to generate consistent leads and keep them coming while you charge a premium price for your service!

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