Learning how to move through fear can have a life-changing impact on your personal life and your business. Today Jay and Zander dive deep into the one habits responsible for Zander’s growth, some of the key aspects of that journey, and how you can start applying this principle to your life right now! Get ready, because if you tune into this mindset your life will change forever.

You will learn:

  • Exactly how Zander was able to accomplish so much at a young age, the detailed steps he took to grow.
  • The core belief Zander had that worked, and the habit he developed to change the way he approached fear.
  • How to defeat a fear even before overcoming the belief.
  • The benefits of not having fear affecting your decision making.
  • The 3 key habits extremely successful people have in common.
  • How comfort is killing more and more people in first world countries.
  • Why you are evolutionarily programmed to be lazy, comfortable, and safe.
  • Some of the most valuable benefits intermittent fasting can have on your mind.

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