Could you make over $10K a month while taking 2 weeks off? It might seem impossible, but there’s someone who has just done it. Today, I’m chatting with Erin Nielsen, the authentic $3K/mo machine, CEO and Founder of the Youth Method. She designed a method that has consistently led her clients to bringing in over $3K a month, and she’s revealing how she achieved so without becoming their slave.

You will learn:

  • How to make 6 figures while taking two weeks off.
  • Driving clients to making over $3K/mo every single week.
  • Why charging more doesn’t mean spending more time with your clients.
  • The huge mindset shift she had to make before reaching her goal.
  • The 3 biggest fears people face when getting high-paying clients.
  • Why finding a mentor could save your coaching business.

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