There’s a wrong and limiting belief that all coaches have: the more you’re loved, the better coach you are. That’s not true at all! Actually, the best coaches don’t care about how loved they are. As long as they get the results for their clients, it’s okay for them! But the only reason why they sell their programs and get those results is because they are LEADERS. What does leadership have to do with coaching and sales? That’s what I’ll be explaining today!

You will learn:

  • The role of leadership in building a coaching business.
  • Risks you will take when you are a leader.
  • Becoming a leader to become a good coach.
  • How leaders make sales.
  • Why sales, coaching and leadership are the same thing.
  • The words all of your clients want to hear.
  • What kind of people will follow you (and who won’t).

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