Can you turn a headache into an opportunity to become successful?

Leslie Thornton did… and she’s revealing how! She found the power of her own mind to change things and has been helping people overcome their issues through hypnosis.

She debunks some myths about this unconventional method and tells us how she went from being a hospital nurse to becoming a successful coach who helps a lot of people!

You will learn:

  • Leslie’s transition from being a nurse to becoming a successful coach.
  • The way she turned a headache into the first step she needed to become a coach.
  • The actual power of controlling your own mind through hypnosis.
  • What many people always misunderstand about coaching.
  • Why you’re never done with the mindset work.
  • Being selfish is crucial to be a coach.
  • Setting goals according to the stuff you want to buy instead of how much money you want to earn.
  • Learning from success and failure is the fastest way to grow as a coach.

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