Reviews from over 500 successful coaches

Helping Coaches Build
& Scale Profitable Businesses

Find out how I helped over 500 Coaches
build and scale profitable businesses

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“I was skeptical. What could they teach me?! I was so wrong. If you want to take your coaching business to the next level this is for you.”

Nicole was having issues commanding her real worth, and getting consistent leads. Now she enrolls clients $3k and $5k and she makes $25,000 or more a month.

Nicole S – Leadership/Corporate Coach

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“I have worked with 3 other coaches, but with Zander, I finally got results.”

Justin had spent tens of thousands to work with 3 other coaches and was still making under $3k/mo. Six weeks after working with HIC Justin made over $35,000 in a month.

Justin J – Nutrition Coach

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“I thought it was impossible to turn my business around”

Taylor had spent months hustling for leads, building a complex funnel, and spending over $3000 on ads and still enrolled ZERO clients. After working with Zander and HIC, Taylor went from $0 to $65,000 in his first month.

Taylor C – Speaking/Life Coach

Helping Coaches Build
& Scale Profitable Businesses

Find out how I can help scale you build & scale profitable businesses
Do you want to be able to finally scale your coaching business to 6-figures? Work with me and get to know the exact same steps I’ve used to achieve the same goal in my business as well as hundreds of coaches I’ve helped to reach this milestone.
The result? A life where you have more freedom and fulfillment than you can ever imagine. Whether it’s connecting you with the right business vision or redirecting you to taking the right action, you’ll get my customized, foolproof plan for building and scaling your coaching business.

Don’t just take my word for it,
here’s what others have to say:

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“I just made more in 4 days, then I do in a year as a PT… it’s bringing tears to my eyes!”

Alix was a fitness trainer working 60 hr weeks and barely making ends meet. With some quick tweaks she was able to make over $24k in less then a week and now gets to pour her heart into all of her clients.

Alix B – Health Coach

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“I never thought I could do this! But I just enrolled $14k in clients in 2 weeks!”

Sam was charging $200/mo with clients saying it was too much, Since he is in Finland. Now he Charges $2k and is shooting for $60k/mo moving forward and can work with clients anywhere in the world.

Samuel T – Online Fitness Coach

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“RUN do not walk to Zander and his team. They are unconditionally there for you.”

Kate was a server at a restaurant at the Toronto Airport. Now she charges $12k for people to work with her as a coach, has a 3 person team, and just had her first $100k MONTH!

Kate P – Business Coach

Why there’s no better time than now to start
building and scaling your coaching business
Whether you’re seeking a more fulfilling career, a flexible schedule, or a higher income, there’s never been a better time to start building and scaling your coaching business than now.
It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the advice that’s out there on the web. But at the end of the day, building a thriving and profitable coaching business is all about being strategic and making sure your business is positioned to make an IMPACT.
With over 50,000 people, 300 organizations, and a record of helping more than 500 of my coaching students build successful online businesses, people know that I get my clients results and that’s why they hire me. And the same can apply to you as well—no matter what your situation is.
When I ask my coaching students whether they’re ready to scale their coaching businesses, I sometimes get the answer that, “things aren’t just right at the moment.” Or they say, “I’m not just ready yet.”
And I definitely understand… Maybe your finances aren’t working out the way you planned it to. Maybe there are no new clients knocking at your door and you’re starting to doubt whether you’ve really pursued the right path.
I acknowledge your disappointment and doubts. After all, we’ve all been there. Most of us have pursued things we’ve believed in and it didn’t always turn into a smooth-sailing ride. It doesn’t feel good and it can make you feel hopeless that things will always stay that way.
But the good thing is, you have the POWER to change whatever situation you’re in. You can have access to the exact process I used to achieve the IMPACT-DRIVEN results I’ve enjoyed in my own business.
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Now you can have the correct, profitable business model at the onset without having to waste time and money committing numerous trial and errors.
In fact, I was in a similar situation before. Desperate, I bought the “blueprints” others peddled to me regardless if they were proven to work or not or it wasn’t the right fit for me. I was willing to try anything and everything.
Looking back, it wasn’t the best or quickest path to success because it took time and resources I could’ve put elsewhere. In the process, I racked up credit card debt, certificates from everywhere I could get them, and followed every successful coach I could find.
I went through programs, blueprints, workbooks, and at the end, this whirlwind of information only led to more self-doubt and fear of failure. It was difficult to sort through the noise of what really works and what doesn’t…
And that’s when I turned to my own mentor. That life-changing call forced me to define what I was failing at doing. Up until that call, I had just been “working” hard at “coaching” the people that had “chosen” me.
That call made me realize that I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing. I knew I had a powerful program that could make an impact but I have to direct my efforts in a way that brought about the change I was capable of making.
And that’s why I’m here. I want my experience to be your learning guide so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that will cost you time and money.
In fact, this is the same process that over 4,000 of my coaching students in 50 industries have successfully used.
I had to narrow down the list just because the scroll would take up the majority of this page. Here are a few of our clients and their audiences.
joy img

“In 10 weeks I’ve made $49,000 as a coach”

Joy never believed she could charge more than $300 for her singing coaching services. She was a “creative” and a “lost cause”. Now she enrolls clients at $5000 every week.

Joy G – Singing Coach

rusty img

“They helped me figure out everything that was wrong in 1 call!”

Rusty was looking to transition from being a full time musician to being a full time health coach, but had no idea where to start. Now he enrolls 5x clients a month at $2k and lives the “digital nomad” life traveling the country with his wife.

Rusty O – Musicians Health Coach

sage img

“I used to work at a coffee shop… Now I coach full time from home”

Sage started his coaching career working at coffee shops just to pay the rent, because he couldn’t figure out how to package or market his service. Now clients pay him $2k and he can coach full time from home.

Sage B – Meditation Coach

There were multiple people helping many of the same audience. They still had more clients than they could handle. When you make an impact… People want it.
  • Weight Loss
  • Health Coach
  • Mens Fitness
  • Chronic Disease
  • Chronic Injury & Pain
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • NeuroDiverse
  • Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Purpose Driven Life
  • Women with High Anxiety
  • Parenting troubled youth
  • Marriage
  • Creative Freelancers
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Financial Success In Business
  • Career Changes
  • Spiritual Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Small Business Owners & Freelancers
  • Spa Owners With Operations And Profitability
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Self Development
  • Binge Eaters
  • Overwhelmed Woman Owned Businesses
  • Broken heart
  • Athletes With Chronic Soreness
  • Low Energy
  • Love For Ambitious People
  • Music Copyright
  • Fitness To Healthcare Gap
  • IBS
  • SAAS
  • Sales System Mastery
  • Startup Founders
  • Relationship Stress
  • Media, Career Transition
  • Young Adults 26-39
  • Over 40 With Hormone Imbalance
  • People Experiencing Loss
  • Men Looking For Balance
  • Women Look Great Naked
  • Culturally Competent
  • Goal Setting For Busy Entrepreneurs
  • Overcoming Fears To Reach More Clients
  • Self Purpose
  • Personal Branding
  • Intuitive Body Wisdom
  • Computer literacy for non tech over 50
  • Public Speaking
The most important step in my journey happened when I spoke to my mentor. The result from that call was a mindset shift and what came next was cash flow.
Bringing my best to my clients and still having the space to enjoy the process—it all came from that one call. That moment of clarity pushed me forward to fulfill what I’ve always wanted to do and to fully live out my calling.
I’m proud to say that it’s the biggest impact I’m able to impart to my clients. I’ve built a system and a process tested to work on different industries.
The surprising thing is, these same coaches didn’t start as coaches. Many started as just “friends” of someone struggling with a pain point that their personal experience and background gave them wisdom in.
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For example, someone lost weight from someone with a similar body type who lost 100 lbs and made a successful coaching career out of that initial guidance. But… it only works if there is a system for measuring the results and holding the person accountable to the plan.
It’s unique and we make sure you execute. And that’s how we’re able to deliver IMPACT. We offer a high-touch, high-impact environment that holds you accountable while providing you the needed process and tools to:
  • Launch from the ground up (even if you don’t think you can)
  • Get engaged high-paying clients to seek you out
  • Demand your clients attention and they love you for it
  • Generate consistent quality leads (3-10 a week!) without any paid advertising
  • Retain “raving fan” clients that send you referrals over and over again
  • Have a predictable income with the systems to track it
  • Knowing where to invest to make marketing and admin work simple so you can focus your energy on what you do best… coaching.
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If I had listened to all the “advice” out there, I would have gotten minimal results and stayed frustrated. When I built a system that led to predictable results, I was able to make huge impacts and live my purpose.
If you can imagine a life where you’re able to…
  1. Happily live out your purpose
  2. Confidently know that you’re cashflow would always be positive
  3. Deliver results that keep your clients coming back (and wanting to pay you more!)
For me, the moment I achieved all those was priceless and it’s something I want you to experience as well.
This is why I spent millions of dollars and even more in my time, making sure that I translate my own success into a repeatable process that will allow other coaches to deliver the same high-impact results…
And all you need to achieve the same is to take 15 minutes of your time and see how we can help you.
I hope my success journey inspired you to take action because helping you achieve the same means a lot to me. In those 15 minutes, I or someone from my team would love to offer a couple of words of wisdom on where you are at right now and how you can navigate any situation you’re dealing with.
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Here are just some of problems we’ve faced in the first month with our clients that we’ve helped solve for them:
  • Not knowing what to focus on or where to start
  • Where to generate consistent leads and how to do it (Get to know what social platforms to use as well as what and when to post)
  • What niche will work for your skillset and how to position yourself to bring you more clients
  • Developing a program/system to deliver consistent results, so you have confidence working with even the most difficult clients
  • The dozens of fears and limiting beliefs that cause them to doubt in themselves as entrepreneurs and coaches (and prevent them from getting to the people that need them!)
  • And many many more!
Most of our 15 minute sessions get people thinking better about their situation. We’ll guide you to take an inventory of what you need versus where you’re at right now.

Here are just some of the results
I’ve helped my students achieve:

angie img

“Not quite sure how to feel… I just closed $16,500 in business today.”

Angie spent nearly 2 years trying to get her professional coaching business up and only made $2k during 24 months. Now she has $40k months regularly.

Angie B – Career/executive coach

leslie img

“So technically I’ve made $45,000 this month so far…”

Leslie was a nurse turned life coach making $2-5k/mo, but was struggling to have any form of consistency in her business. Now she’s scaling rapidly and never has to worry about going back to a 9-5 again.

Leslie T – Hypnosis/Mindset Coach

zach img

“I have too many leads! This system rocks!”

Zach had just quit his career as an engineer after burning out and now wanted to coach full time, but had no idea how to get started. Now he averages $25k/mo in clients and has a growing team of 3.

Zach W – Life/Career Coach

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Reviews from over 500 successful coaches