“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain


Do any of these describe you?

  • I have a good life, but I want something GREAT
  • I’m a happy person, but I’m not satisfied and I want more
  • I’ve been successful by many standards, but I’m just not fulfilled and not sure why
  • I think I know what I want, but can’t figure out how to get it
  • I know I am meant to do more in life, I just don’t know exactly what it is


If you are ready for more in life, and any of these ring true, you are in the right place.

That’s why you are here.



Well that’s simple… Simple, but not easy.

In August of 2016 I left a very successful corporate life to pursue the unknown, the uncertain, and the uncomfortable. I left to pursue a life of passion: a life of purpose.  As Robert Allen once said, “everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.”

My mission is to inspire and empower others to find their success and passion in life.  For those who are ready, the promise is not just happiness.  The promise is mastery.

What is… learn-college

Success (and happiness – AKA internal success) is a combination lock.  It’s a series of thoughts, actions, skills, and processes, that once you know them all and you put them in the right order… the lock simply opens.

The only problem is most of us are missing a number or have them in the wrong order.

The art of success is something most of us are never taught.  Our parents don’t know the combination, most of our friends don’t know it, and it’s sure as hell not taught in college.

Sh*t You Don’t Learn in College is the community that will teach you that combination.  So, If you’re ready for success, go ahead and keep yourself in the loop with new articles, interviews, exercises and events by joining the community newsletter below, and be on the lookout for future training programs.

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How did I get here? 

It all started one cold, winter’s night in December of 1987.  The last of the firewood had run out days before.  The blizzard showed no signs of letting up and the two travelers had been barricaded in for days.

They had little to eat and nothing but thoughts of their impending demise to keep them company.  He was just passing through as part of a traveling dance troupe and she was caught between the life she was searching for and the one she couldn’t get away from. They both knew they were out of options. With the frost creeping in they had but one way to keep warm that night.

As fate would have it, the couple would survive those dark nights and 9 months later came an 8 lb 6 oz blessing the world come to know as Zander the Great.

I’m not sure I got all of the details perfect, but I like to pretend it went something like that.  

Honestly, I grew up in San Diego, so our family didn’t even know the meaning of cold.  I didn’t even own a jacket until I was in my 20’s

I’d rather not bore you with my whole life story so, to summarize, we had: learning to walk, learning to talk, peeing my pants, losing my teeth, growing new teeth, being a troublemaker, bad grades, better grades, best grades, bad grades again, soccer games, drum lessons, awkward choir practice, PUBERTY, my first kiss, premarital sex, heartbreak, discovering tequila, discovering the bathroom floor, COLLEGE, Air Force ROTC, frat parties, poor life decisions, beer, beeer, beeeeer, and finally THE CORPORATE WORLD.

I have lived a relatively normal “American” life up to this point: pretty boring sh*t, right?


Where am I going?

For years after college, I was a successful corporate guy.  I worked for one of the top IT companies in the world as a hybrid Sales-Exec/Systems-Architect designing networks for some pretty important organizations (Disney, Sony, NBCUniversal, and DIRECTV, to name a few).  I was accomplished, successful, constantly learning, and WAY overpaid.  I was happy.  Until one day, I realized … I wasn’t.

I wasn’t happy.  I was overworked, under rested, living someone else’s agenda, and confused about what I really wanted and cared about.  I escaped my weekday life by drowning my senses with tequila, dancing, and women on the weekend (not saying I didn’t enjoy that, because I did).  That was great, until work started to consume the weekends as well.

I wanted to be successful, but I clearly did not know what success meant or better yet, “why” I wanted it. 

As I got promotions, received awards and recognition, and got raises I felt sharp peaks of joy, shortly followed by a dull unsatisfied hunger for more.  This clearly wasn’t working.

A few of years ago I asked myself a question that I thought no kid in their mid 20s should ever think about – looking back, I wish I had asked myself years earlier:

“Why am I here?”

I believe we ALL have the desire, the capacity, and the resources, to do so much more than we are right now, if we make the decision to do more: to become more.  My goal is to help us all overcome our fears, make that decision to do more, and show us how to turn our passions, our visions, and our goals into our reality.

So I think the more important question isn’t “why am I here?”  but rather, “why are you here?”