Many people have a hangover from 2020, but we actually had a great year with a lot of growth. Most of our clients saw a lot of growth in their businesses as well. We helped around 100 coaches go full time, about 20 of which made it to the multiple 6-figure marks, and we even had 3 or 4 make it to the seven-figure mark. We’re pulling a lot from this experience, amplifying what worked.

One of our core principles at HIC is Client Success First. So we focus everything that we do, a lot of our infrastructure and resources, on making sure that our ability to deliver to our clients is absolutely top-notch. Just to give you an idea, this year we’re spending over 7-figures just on our coaching staff, to make sure that our clients are getting ridiculous results and getting to where they need to be.

I’m very grateful because we’re also getting involved in other causes. For every client we work with, we’ll be able to impact the lives of nearly 100 other people.

We’re very excited about what’s coming for HIC and the 2 Big Goals we will accomplish this year, and I’ll give you all the details in today’s episode. Stay tuned because you are about to find out what is on the horizon for High Impact Coaching!

You will learn:

  • What we will improve going into 2021.
  • Where we’re focusing our resources.
  • Our core principle at HIC.
  • What’s on the Horizon for HIC.
  • The truth about certifications in the industry.
  • How we fought the government and won!

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