Why does the worst advice always come from a place of love? People who love you just want you to stay safe and sound, but they can’t see beyond the average employee’s lifestyle. My great friend, Mike Szczesniak, who I’m chatting with today, knows what it feels like. That’s why he’s explaining how he quit his corporate job as an engineer and started his own business and what he learned from that experience, as well as why that process took him so long.

You will learn:

  • His journey from getting a computer engineering degree to starting his business.
  • Why it took him 5 years to make the decision to start his own business.
  • The reason that people who love you the most give you the worst advice.
  • 2 things he realized when he decided to quit his corporate job.
  • Why it’s such a difficult task to find someone who helps you with marketing.

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